Table of Contents

0. Before playing our demo

How to Download Metamask

Set up your wallet to use Polygon Mumbai Testnet & Goerli Testnet

How to get testnet Tokens($ETH(Goerli) &$MATIC(Mumbai))

Get a ENS domain on Goerli Testnet

Demo video for Phi Testnet

This video would be really helpful for testing

1. Access Phi Demo

<aside> 🏝️ As a premise, Phi demo read your wallet activities on Goerli Testnet and will mint lands (Contract) and Objects (ERC-1155) on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

This is why you have to interact with protocols on Goerli Testnet, and claim the objects on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.


  1. Access our demo site (


  2. Connect your wallet to our website on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.


2. Create your Land

  1. Click the button, “CREATE LAND”, to create your land from your ENS domain.


  2. Confirm the transaction. (It needs some test$MATC, so if you don’t have test$MATIC, please see this)


  3. Got your land after completing the transaction.

    Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 11.21.09 AM.png

3. Claim Quest Objects

  1. Click the “QUEST” to see objects you can claim.